"Here goes… I'm about to make you the CRAZIEST offer I have ever made or am EVER likely to make again..." 


 martin burns

Martin Burns  (with wife Kathryn)

"If you are NOT banking  AT LEAST £5,000.00 a month  six months from now... 

...By simply copying the take-out-of-the-box-and-go system I'm about to reveal to you here...

... I won't just give you a FULL refund

I'll  give you THREE TIMES your money back

AND I'll let you keep more than  £970.00-worth of valuable wealth-generating products,  yours FREE just for trying this out.

Even if you're only making £4,999.99 a month I will still give you 3x your money back.


That's how confident I am that you will make £5,000.00 - £15,000.00 + a month... from home, working HALF as hard as you do now...  Exactly like I do.


And just to make doubly sure of your success, I'm even offering to coach  you OVER THE NEXT  SIX MONTHS…  

Absolutely FREE ... and WITHOUT any catches whatsoever "


"How's that for an offer you can't refuse?"


"300 Sales in My First Week!"
I am now on my way to making my first million!  Thanks again It has been fabulous.

Joanne Kuppe (Nature's Health Books)


Please note: This is a strictly time-limited offer


From the desk of: Martin Burns, Manchester, England


 time limited offer


My name is Martin Burns and I'm sure you're wondering how I can possibly make such a crazy promise and for it to be  100% genuine, risk-free and without any catch whatsoever.

How can I GUARANTEE that a mere six months from now YOU will be banking a minimum of  £5,000+ a month even though I've never met you in my life and haven't a clue whether you've done anything like this before.

How can I be totally convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that  you have precisely what it takes to become seriously wealthy …  quickly and inexpensively … just by following the few simple techniques I'm going to show you here?

How can I also be SO CONFIDENT OF YOUR SUCCESS that I'm promising to walk you through every step of the process… one-on-one … week by week... over the next six months…  for FREE?

And in the extremely unlikely event that you don't make £5,000 a month… or even if you make only £4,999.99 a month… I will  not only refund your money in full, I'll give you three times your money back 

AND let you keep over £970-worth of valuable wealth-generating products… FREE … as a 'thank you' for trusting me at my word.

Just a moment… before you carry on reading…

Why not sign up for my FREE mini eCourse? And discover a few of the techniques I use to make £15,000+ a month!

It’s totally FREE and there’s NO CATCH. And if you sign up now, I’ll also send you 2 valuable extra gifts absolutely FREE!

To get your FREE course plus FREE gifts, simply fill in your FULL name & email address in the boxes below.


Important: I will never share your contact information with anyone. And you can unsubscribe at any time!  

So how can I make you such a bold, crazy, extreme promise?

Well, I can… For the simple reason that it's EXACTLY THE SAME SYSTEM I've been using every day since March 2007 and which has been making me a very respectable £10,000-£15,000+ every month ever since -  as you will soon see from  my results  a little further down the page.

 And I'm working at this part time… very part time actually… as I create brand new revenue earners based on what I've learned with the potential to easily  double  or even treble what I make now.


Really and truly the potential for this simple little system is explosive. I currently make £10,000-£15,000+ a month and I know for a fact I've barely scratched the surface…


I'm not telling you this to boast, but to introduce myself and show you EXACTLY WHY I strongly believe  this same system can make you wealthy too,  just like it's doing for me.


I'll show you how it's enabled me to quit my stressful paid employment and work a fraction of the hours I used to.


I'll show you how it's enabled me to do this easily from the back room of my home, using equipment I already have (my ancient computer! ) instead of charging up and down the motorway to some ugly concrete office block every day of the week.


Most important of all (well it was for me anyway) I'll show you how it's enabled me to have the freedom to spend valuable time with my wife and family instead of slogging away all the hours that God sends to make some greedy shareholders rich.


And it's given me a level of  long-term financial security  that my almost laughable company pension could NEVER hope to do.

 Wouldn't you like to have some of that?

Wouldn't you like to go into the office today, hand in your notice and walk out without a care in the world… apart from where you were going to jet away on holiday next week?

Or if you're not working or retired, wouldn't you like to spend all that free time doing the things you love,  regardless of cost? 

Wouldn't you like to finally clear your mortgage? 


or even  better...


Upsize to a beautiful new home without having to  worry about increased mortgage repayments  becoming a burden?

Parking your shiny new car in the driveway, naturally.

 favorite car

dream house

  Imagine the kind of home you could buy for yourself... This business is amazing!

Wouldn't you like to clear your debts, shop wherever you like, pay in cash and treat yourself and your family to those special things you've always wanted but can't afford?

I can tell you, it's a great feeling. I know because I can splash out on things every day without having to worry about the VISA bills coming in. Just paying off my debts alone must have added ten years to my life expectancy!


Can you imagine doing this yourself?


Well YES, NOW YOU CAN because…


I'm about to show you something that will blow your mind…


But first I'd like you to put aside all your preconceptions of "amazing business opportunities". (Isn't it funny how EVERYONE claims that theirs is "amazing", "unique", etc?  And  half of them haven't even done it themselves!  They're just talking about some other guy!)


I want you to forget EVERYTHING you may have seen on the Net. Letters that look similar in layout to this one… brash promises of getting wealthy in a ridiculously short space of time… conferences that guarantee to turn you into a multi-millionaire overnight (for a hefty fee naturally!)… 


I want you to clear your mind of EVERYTHING you have seen to date… because I can GUARANTEE you won't - ever - have come across anything quite like this…

In a moment, I'll explain why this seemingly innocuous little system is SO POWERFUL that I took the decision to quit my comfortable, secure paid job without batting an eyelid and with no regrets whatsoever. 

I'll show you WHY I'm so absolutely convinced that THE SAME SYSTEM will work for you that NOT ONLY am I prepared to give you 3x your money back if it doesn't, but I'll guide you through those early months, in person, to DOUBLY  ensure your success.


And I'll show you WHY … like me… you can easily do this with NO experience, NO specialist equipment, on practically NO budget, in just a few hours a week, from home.


Put bluntly, in a few moments from now, you will have in your hands THE blueprint that has the potential to make you very wealthy indeed, just like it's done for me. The cast-iron business system that will allow you to build the kind of secure and stress-free lifestyle most people only dream of.


And the even better news is that once I've shown you the ropes, I don't want anything back from you in return!


NO  share of your profits. NO selling-your-soul-to-the-devil. NOTHING.


No catches. No small print. No rules. No get-out clauses.

All I am asking is that you follow the system you're about to see here, EXACTLY  as I teach it to you, then come back at the end of six months and let me know how you get on.

And if you're not making £5,000+  a month by the time these six months are up I'll give you three-times your money back.

How quickly could you realistically start to make money?

Within 3 weeks… 2 weeks… 1 week… potentially even the end of Day One if you put your mind to it …

And if you're one of the first 20 people to respond , I will also be there at the end of a phone or email whenever you need me, to doubly  ensure your success .  After all, I don't want to be handing out 3x people's money back… I want you to MORE THAN MAKE  the grade!

I'll share my own business secrets with you. I'll show you the exact same techniques I use to make £10,000-£15,000 a month , regularly  and consistently. And I'll do this FREE, with no strings attached.


Does that sound fair and reasonable?


OK... so let's get down to business.


First, let me tell you that I'm lazy. I am incredibly  lazy. 

 relaxing in jacuzzi

Imagine relaxing away the hours whist money still flows into your account

  In fact, I hate work with a PASSION

Even though for many years I held down a high powered position as Sales and Marketing Director of a large London-based company, I loathed every minute I was forced to do hard graft for a living.

I would far rather be watching my favourite footie team...

... or relaxing in my favourite health club's jacuzzi than go to work.

Sometimes I'd just ring in sick, even though nothing was particularly wrong with me, rather than have to work.

Or at least 'work' in the true sense  of the word ...

Which is why I hate referring to what I do now as 'work   ' because, having 'worked' for a living for 20 long and stressful years, it's about as far removed from what I call 'work' as you can get! 

It's fun, it's easy, it's absorbing,  it's almost addictive...


As for the  sheer kick   I get every day as I click onto my account and - KERCHING!   - another dozen deposits have appeared as if from nowhere! 

Not to mention the kick I get from knowing that to 'earn' this money, I've put in around HALF  the hours I used to... often even less... and that DOESN'T count all those wasted hours sitting in jams on the M6. 


I tell you, the only thing that's remotely hard about this system is stopping myself from clicking onto my account every minute to see if MORE  money's come in!


See why it's so addictive?


See why it's so much fun?

 martin burns at work

  Me 'commuting' to my back bedroom

Oh, and you can imagine that 'commuting' to my back bedroom is a heck of a lot easier than sitting on that damn motorway!


You don't have to work hard…


Nor do you have to take a massive risk  that will leave you bankrupt and destitute if by some awfully remote possibility  it doesn’t work out for you.


It's worked for me and unless you've recently landed on this planet from outer space there is absolutely NO REASON why it shouldn't work for you.


I really do genuinely believe it. Because if I didn't,  I would NOT  have made you such a crazy promise at the start of this letter!


This is a business that lets you… 

 - Tap into one of the world's easiest, most reliable and genuine ways to make a living.  I make pots of money from it and there's absolutely no reason why you can't too…
 - Make a substantial and independent living from home with a ready-made business you just take out of the box and go, and where you keep ALL the profits…
 - Make money from a business that YOU own,  with NO hyped-up promises, NO profit-sharing, NO contracts, NO small print, NO MLM or any rubbish like that… and absolutely NO strings or catches…
 - Profit from a business where you don't need to find customers -  instead they find you, and then they fall over themselves to buy…
 - Have fun with a business where you don't need to source, stock and ship truckloads of products…  in fact you can quite easily run this business WITHOUT products and STILL make money…
 - Create a comfortable, secure and relaxed lifestyle where you work the hours you choose  and take time off when you choose WITHOUT risk and for a minuscule financial outlay as you'll see in a moment…

And where you DON'T  need experience or special equipment… where you don't need loads of capital or investment to get started… just the desire to make a better life for yourself and your family… starting today, starting right here...


 I want to help you build a highly profitable business from scratch


I know it may sound hard to believe, but what I'm about to share with you is a ready-made business  that lets you quietly accumulate as much wealth as you're comfortable with - working the hours you choose  and using nothing more scary than your existing PC or laptop.


Even if you only ever use your computer to surf the Net, you can quickly and easily transform it into a tool that makes you money. Even if you've NEVER  used a computer in your life before, you can  succeed at this business.


All you need are the simple techniques I'm about to share with you.


What I'm about to show you is NO MORE DIFFICULT  than, say, reading your email… buying something online… or even just clicking through several different websites.


Or if you've never used a computer, it's no more difficult than just plugging it in and switching it on!


Even my 77-year-old mother-in-law could do it - and she's still trying to work out how to switch her laptop on, let alone use it!!

If you can click a mouse, you can make money!

My computer mouse is like a little money-making machine . Every time I click it, I seem to make more cash!!


Even when I leave my computer well alone, I know this business will be quietly ticking away in the background.


I know that some website or other is quietly making me money without  the need for any input from me. And it's doing this while I sleep, while I eat,  while  I set up my fishing rod by the beautiful local canal…


Wouldn't you like to turn your computer into a little cash machine?


Wouldn't you like a business that you know will tick happily away while you fly off on holiday for a couple of weeks?


 favorite beach  swimming  relax on holiday

Imagine that!  Instead of coming back from holiday £hundreds of pounds poorer, you'll be coming back £hundreds or £thousands of pounds richer!

I can tell you, the buzz you get is tremendous.


And once it's up and running (and I'll show you how to do that, quickly and easily), it practically runs itself!


"OK, Martin, cut to the chase…



Well obviously I can only say 'so much' in a letter.


For a start, there isn't much space.


Then I have to think about those people that may just read this letter, snatch the keys to the system I've been using to make £10,000-£15,000 a month  - and run…


Or, even worse, twist and distort it to suit their own ends.


As far as I am aware, this is the ONLY  system of its kind here in the UK.


So I hope you'll forgive me for only revealing 'so much' here. Suffice to say that everything will become clear… crystal clear… once you have it in your hands.


And don't worry. The almost ridiculously small amount of money I'll be asking you for this system is completely safe.


Remember I am promising to give you THREE TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK  if you fail to bank £5,000+ a month within 6 months.


I'll even make it easier for you to order by throwing in an extra guarantee,  as you'll see in a moment.


And when you see this, in the flesh, it will be YOU  clapping your hands together, standing back in amazement and saying:




And neither did I back in  2007.


I never knew that, when a seemingly insignificant email arrived in my 'Inbox' from an Australian gentleman, it was the start of something that was about to change my life for ever.


I never knew that, when he said he would personally guide and tutor me  through the entire system that was making him £1,000 a day  (yes… a day…!) he meant every word of it.


And he really did  go on to walk me through the entire process… day after day… week after week… until I was banking as much money as I was comfortable with… just as I will do with you.


Really and truly, until I tried this for myself and saw the results unfold before my eyes, I never knew that people could make money from something that can only be described as mind-blowing!


And I personally guarantee  you won't ever have heard about this before… because if you had, you would already be doing it. Wild horses wouldn't be able to drag you away!


You'd be excited … you'd have butterflies in the pit of your stomach… you'd be itching to at least test the water with one little five-minute money-making technique to see if it worked…


You'd cancel appointments… forget to have lunch… dinner… just like I did when I was first shown this and came away thinking…


"Why the heck don't they teach this sensational stuff in the UK?!"


Three years later and £hundreds of thousands of pounds richer, I’m still thinking this.  


In fact, I’m even more impressed . Why? Because three years ago we could never in a million years have envisaged the economic mess we’ve got at the moment. Yet throughout 2008, 2009, 2010 and into 2011, this incredible system is still working … as well as it always did… if not better … 


While other people are worrying themselves sick about whether or not they’ll have a job next week… and watching their savings and pensions evaporate in front of their eyes… my little business is ticking away very merrily.  


Honestly, you’d never know the global ‘meltdown’ was happening! And there aren’t many people that can say that these days… 


Take it from me… this sensational stuff doesn’t just work during the ‘good’ years, it works just as well… if not better… in the current climate.


Which is why TODAY I’d like to send you:  

  THE SAME  brilliant money-making system  that makes me £10,000-£15,000 + a month, whatever the financial climate. I will coach you  through the entire system, one-on-one , over the next few months… so you can copy exactly how I do it… 
  THE SAME  ridiculously simple system that I know without a shadow of a doubt will enable me to live in comfort and security for the rest of my 'working' life… and well into my old age… (Pensions, pah! Who needs them!) 
  THE SAME  genuine business system that has more than  lived up to its promises… delivering beyond my wildest dreams… enabling me  to experience a sense of well-being, contentment and security that’s in short supply these days… 

AND  I've made this money, without trying too hard. 


Imagine if I rolled up my sleeves and put some 'real' effort in!


Don't build a business... build a system…

"The Ultimate System"!


And just like any good system, "The Ultimate System" is incredibly easy to copy and put into practice. And I have even better news  for you because…


It's now EVEN EASIER  for you to copy as I've arranged for the entire system … lock, stock and barrel… to be professionally recorded for you onto DVD, totalling 6 HOURS of riveting viewing.


So you just slip them into your DVD player or computer, sit back, watch how I make my money and copy what I do.


How easy is that?!

ultimate system


But just in case even the thought of popping a DVD into a player seems like too much trouble, I've made it EVEN EASIER  for you.


That's because I'm also handing you a bundle of other tools like essential software and step-by-step manuals  to really accelerate  your success. THE WORKS.


Everything outlined, summarised and put into step-by-step instructions. Just start at the beginning and head towards your first £5,000!


Phew! And just when you thought it couldn't get any easier…


Never forget you will have my full on-going guidance and support  whenever you need it… completely FREE.


And I'm not just saying this to trigger you into sending for the system.


I really  mean it.


Ask any of my current students and each and every one will tell you that the thing that impressed them the most (apart from "The Ultimate System" itself, of course!) is the fact  I am true to my word.


They know that whenever they have a question or need help, they can just pick up the phone or fire off an email and I'll be there. Ready, waiting and delighted to help.


The other day someone on the telly said that, these days, it's easier to walk on water than to get good customer service in the UK.


But he's wrong.


Because with me "Your call really is important"  - I'll answer it  IN PERSON.  And if I don't, it's only because I'm out of the office. I promise to call you back the moment I return.




Shown how to set it up, step-by-step,  with me on hand to answer any questions.


Shown how to easily set up your own profit-pulling websites  in record time.

  Shown how to get customers coming to you,  rather than having to go out and find them… customers literally falling over themselves  to buy your products.
  Shown how to ensure customers NEVER leave your website without buying a product…

Shown how to easily send products to customers… WITHOUT you having to do any of the work yourself!!

  Shown how to build a loyal customer base FAST  and keep your customers coming back, again and again.
  Guided all the way  to create your own successful business  that delivers as much wealth as you are comfortable earning.

And it's incredible fun, too!


Take a quick look at some of the other things I've barely had time to mention… You'll discover: 

  How easy it is  to start your own successful money-generating business in record time - from scratch!

How to find or create top-selling products  that cost virtually nothing to deliver (many DO cost nothing), but which have almost unbelievably high profit margins.


7 incredibly easy steps that will quickly have you generating mountains of cash  , from knowing NOTHING to COINING IN THE CASH like an unstoppable money-machine, in weeks not years.


The instant check to make sure your website is making MAXIMUM money  , week after week, plus the 24 'Kerching! tweaks' you can set in place to ensure it makes you even more.


The ingenious and no-work way to make £thousands of pounds  selling products you didn't even create, from websites you don't even own.


Discover the secret  of what REALLY sells online and where to get them at pocket money prices (or, preferably, FREE ) and sell at a massive mark-up.


A simple PROVEN formula to create winning online offers  - whatever it is you’re selling. Coals to Newcastle, Igloos to Eskimos, anything.

  How to LEGALLY ‘STEAL’ products that others have taken YEARS to produce and clock up massive profits... you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the simplicity…

How to quickly create your own complete ‘turn-key’ online business,  that runs on autopilot - no matter where you are - asleep in bed, or on the beach.


Crucial information that can make or break your online business  and save you bucket loads of time and stress in the process.


Know where to pick up HOT PRODUCTS for FREE, every day of the week  and sell them on to HOT MARKETS to make a fortune.


How to 'talk' to your customers via automatic email messages,  and we're NOT talking spam, we're talking about a way that will have them lapping up your sales message.


EASILY avoid  the ONE MISTAKE that 99% of all online business people make and as a result miss out on £thousands in sales.

  How to get 'top notch' verifiable testimonials  for your product, without having sold a single item.

Go straight to markets where people are literally queuing up to buy your products, 24 hours a day, round the globe…  then get them to buy again… and again… and again…  FOREVER!


Discover how to write KILLER SALES COPY that will have customers eating out of your hand  even if you’ve never written anything more complicated than a shopping list!


No time to spare? Need cash NOW?!  Discover the almost unbelievable way to rake in the cash  WITHOUT  needing a website  OR even a single product  , in fact,  WITHOUT  needing anything at all…

  … AND see how this simple technique made over 8,000% profit from one 2-second transaction!  You’ll get all the FREE tools you need…

And there’s more… SO MUCH MORE … if only I had the space to list them…!

Want more proof that this works? First take a peek at my PayPal account back in 2007...

(then scroll down a bit to see the same PayPal account brought right up to date!!!) 

paypal proof

(names blocked out for privacy reasons)


These deposits for November 2007 alone total more than £5,000.
Not bad considering I spent most of that month being dragged round Manchester's Trafford Shopping Centre with my wife rather than 'working' on my PC.
But that's nothing! We get numerous cheques and postal orders every month too...
Here are just a few of the cheques we got in November 2007...





That's well over £8,000  in cheques. You don't need to be a mathematical genius to work out that's a total income of more than £13,500 for just this one month alone.
The month I spent Christmas shopping!
So you might say it's a 'bad' month compared to what I bank when I'm not in a demob-happy pre-Christmas mood!


But of course 2007 was before the economy headed south…


So you’d be perfectly justified in assuming my profits went south too…




In November 2008  … one year on… in the middle of what was to be billed as possibly the worst recession in living memory…


… I made EVEN MORE!


Take a look at what came into my PayPal account over just FIVE DAYS in November 2008…


 paypal proof
 paypal proof
 pp proof
 paypal statement
 proof of earnings
 merciless earnings
 total earnings
 (names blocked out for privacy reasons) 


Scroll down and you’ll see these PayPal deposits alone total more than £18,272.00… for just FIVE DAYS  ‘work’!
And look at the 5th Nov (£7,137.40) and 6th Nov (£6,040.38)!  Over a period of just 48 hours, I banked an amazing £13,177.78!


And that doesn’t  include all the cheques which were popping through my letterbox whilst I was out Christmas shopping again.


The point is…


I am living proof  that this business works BRILLIANTLY  in ‘good times’… and can work EVEN BETTER  during the ‘bad’.


And just to bring this up to date... 2010 was my BEST YEAR ON RECORD!!!!



 (names obscured for privacy reasons)



As for Christmas itself…


Well, I just love being able to spend whatever I like WITHOUT having to worry about a huge VISA bill in January...  which is more than can be said for most people trapped in the gloom and doom of this global crisis… 


This last Christmas I treated the whole family… parents and all… to an incredible three whole days in the most  amazing  country house hotel you have ever seen.  


While most people were slaving away over saucepans and sprouts, my wife was being pampered rotten in the hotel's exclusive health spa (over a glass of Champagne, naturally…) 


Afterwards, we relaxed on HUGE squishy sofas, in front of a roaring log fire, being waited on hand and foot whilst awaiting our table in the award-winning Michelin Star restaurant.  It was heaven!


Wouldn't YOU love to spend next Christmas like that?


Don't you think that an extra  £5,000-£10,000 a month within the next six months  might just enable you to spend Christmas however you like?


At some fantastic ski resort, perhaps… or jetting off to some warmer climate and just lazing by your own private pool… knowing that money is still rolling into your account  whilst you do so.




And not giving a ‘monkeys’ about what the current financial crisis throws at you… not an anxious thought… not a care in the world…


I can tell you... it really is a wonderful feeling!


With earnings like these I CAN live the lifestyle I love, treat my family and friends to the things they want, pay my bills and know I'll NEVER have to worry about the future.


And I feel more secure, comfortable and content than I ever did in my paid job (after all, you can't fire yourself or make yourself redundant, can you?!) 


Worst case scenario?


Now I'm not JUST naturally lazy, I'm also ultra-cautious.


I'm always looking for the catch. To me, there's no such thing as a free lunch. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is.


I need to have something proved beyond a shadow of a doubt  before I go ahead and do it. And even then I mull it over in my head in the twilight hours until I'm  absolutely  certain  it's the right thing to do.


But even that pales into insignificance compared with my ultra-cautious approach  on anything  that may put my family and lifestyle at risk.


Like NO WAY  was I about to quit my secure paid employment for some flash-in-the-pan get rich quick scheme that could have my family spending next Christmas in the workhouse!


Having to take the kids out of the school they love because I could no longer afford their fees? Possibly losing our family home to the mortgage lender because we could no longer afford the bills? Visions of my wife and kids in some dank bed-and-breakfast…


Seriously, if I believed there was a 'Worst Case Scenario' with this business I would have dragged it out kicking and screaming long before now.

I strongly believe that this system is so watertight even my 57 year old neighbour (who's one of those careful management accountant types) couldn't fault it.


In fact I am so convinced  by this system, having seen it in action for the past 36 months, that I (AKA 'Mr Ultra Cautious') have decided for once in my life to throw caution to the wind.


I am promising you that if you AREN'T banking an average of £5,000 a month, within six months,  by following this system exactly as I teach it to you, I will not only refund your money in full I'll give you THREE TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK.


That's hard cash out of my own pocket… handed to you… so in the extremely unlikely event you don't succeed, it will be ME  that's out of pocket, NOT YOU.






See why you can't lose, whatever you do?


AND you can keep over  £970-worth  of additional wealth-generating products I'm handing you… absolutely FREE.




And while I'm on the subject of incredible offers…


I've already mentioned that this system comes with a stack of additional wealth-generating products which you can keep, absolutely free, in the very unlikely event that this system doesn't work out for you.


So here's a thing… I'd like to hand them to you… FREE … anyway!


That's over £970-worth of products that I'm giving you for FREE.


I don't want anything from you in return. Nothing. It's just a FREE GIFT  with my compliments to thank you for giving my amazing business system a try - but only when you order within the next 72 hours.


 Here's what you get FREE if you order within the next 72 hours… 




"The Complete UK Resource Guide" 

Why go to the trouble  of finding your own products then go to even more trouble of creating your own marketing material and websites when you can have everything done for you … in a box and ready to go!

 resource guide Here’s some very hot advice and guidance on how to make your online and offline business work with quick and easy simplicity  and expert efficiency - including ALL the resources we currently use, to save YOU  time, energy and frustration. 


Plus you'll discover how you can find ' big selling products'  and get your hands on thousands of pounds worth  of stunning and highly desirable products that even come with their own professionally designed marketing material and websites.




(Bonus value £147... yours FREE!)



 "Creating Powerful Websites" 

Of course, the so-called professional website designers out there, will tell you only THEY can design 'proper' websites and put them onto the Net. They will willingly blind you with science about stuff you don't understand (and don't need to know).

Why? Because they want your business of course! 

websites  But it's all total and utter rubbish because this amazing software  will practically write the web content for you! 


And you get all those power words, phrases and sales triggers so even if you got a F in English GCSE you can create sales text that almost forces customers to buy. With this, you can create and upload your own website instantly  - with push button simplicity!


How cool is that?


(Oh, and I nearly forgot. You get ' Master Resale rights'  too - so you can sell this to other people!)


(Bonus value £247... yours FREE!)



"How to Find and Create Products!" 

 how to create products Although you CAN make money from this business system WITHOUT a single product, having some products to sell will undoubtedly help you get where you want to be faster. 


But how do you find the right products? Simple.  You just need to know where to look and how to spot a winner when you see one!


Even better this bonus shows you how to go straight to those rare and valuable products that customers will give their right arms to get hold of. You buy at bargain basement prices and sell them on for top dollar. Result? HUGE profit margins! And the profits just go on and on… ( AND  you get

' Master Resale rights'  too!)


(Bonus value £194... yours FREE!)

And as if these weren't enough…


 ultimate system bonus I'm ALSO also going to give you a host of additional wealth-generating bonuses to help create and develop your business even more easily. 

I think you'll be genuinely surprised and delighted by the additional bonuses you'll receive and they're all are yours to keep completely FREE  when you send for this life-changing business system today.

(Surprise Package value total = £389... yours FREE!)

(Many of the items come with 'Master Resale Rights'  too!)

That's a total of £977 worth of valuable gifts...yours to keep just for trying 'The Ultimate System'

So if I'm prepared to hand you £977-worth of bonuses for £FREE, how much do I want for the system itself?

Well straight away let me say that I'm NOT going to ask you for a fortune.


Even though I daren't reveal what I actually paid for the original system back in 2007  (because my wife would kill me if she knew…), let me just tell you it took a considerable chunk out of our savings…


But I'm NOT  going to ask you to fork out thousands of pounds (which is what you might expect considering the bonuses alone come to £977 in value ).


And I'm NOT  going to ask for a share of your profits, or for commission, royalties or anything like that.


You see, I know that after you've watched these incredible DVD's you'll want to get started straightaway, so I'm going to make it easy  for you and as inexpensive  as I possibly can.


So the crunch question - what does all of this cost?


Well to be truthful, it was very difficult for me to set a price. Discussing it with colleagues, we felt that actually £1,497 may be a very reasonable price to set for such a COMPLETE  and PROVEN  money-making package.


But as I've already recouped my original costs many times over, in reality all I have to do is duplicate the information, package it and pop it into the post.


Which is why I've finally arrived at a figure which I believe is more than fair and reasonable - just £97 (and that even includes postage, packing and insurance).


That's just £97 for  everything you see here.

ultimate system


I'm sure you'll agree this is pretty reasonable for a system that I've promised should make you  £5,000 a month or I give you 3x your money back.


A minuscule £97 + FREE products + FREE mentoring + 'crazy' 3x money-back offer… THERE MUST BE A CATCH???


I'll say it again. THERE IS NO CATCH. You have my word.


But I do have a teeny weenie 'hidden agenda' if you like, and here's where it gets really exciting…


You see, over the past few months I've been working on another project… something that I believe has the potential to be… well… explosive  to say the very least.


That's all I'll say at this point because I don't want this to end up in just anyone's hands and I most definitely don't want it leaked to my competitors.


Let's just say it's very much at 'drawing board' stage and it's HUGE.


In a few months' time when you've tested the water with the business system, you may decide you'd like to come in with me on this.


For free, for a fair share of the profits and on an equal footing. As a partner, if you like.


Or you might not.


It's entirely up to you. No pressure. No proviso that you 'must' get involved if you buy the £97 system. I won't hard-sell you to death like some sleazy double glazing salesman and 'force' you into anything you don't want.


But the offer is there on the table if you want it. And the reason I'm looking for other people to partner with me on this is for the simple reason that's it's BIG.


Far too big for me alone.


As I said above, I already have more than enough money  to live the lifestyle I love. I don't need any more. But what I CAN'T resist is the thrill of a business system where money pings into your bank account, practically unaided, as if out of the ether.


Let's just say I'm tinkering around with a system with the potential to bank money in a way that makes many wealthy people's earnings look like my nephew's paper round.


So, this is what I'm proposing to you…


I'll hand you "The Ultimate System" for just £97. If you're one of the first 20 to order,  I'll be available whenever you need me to teach you how to make money from this system… exactly the same way I do…


And I'll hand you £977 worth of FREE products  to help you achieve your £5,000-£15,000+ per month goal even faster. (And if you don't reach £5K per month in six months don't forget I've promised to give you 3x your money back )


In return I'm asking for NOTHING.


But, if you like, you can choose to come in with me on the new project I've been tinkering around with.


OR you can just walk away. No pressure.   No worry you're selling your soul to the devil. No hard feelings.


Sound like a fair deal?


Oh, and just in case you're wondering why the free mentoring is ONLY  open to the first 20 people that order  "The Ultimate System", well it's purely and simply because there's only one of me  and I can only realistically mentor 20 more people max!!!


I may offer this service again at the end of the six months once my first group of students is happily banking £5,000+ per month, but I can't guarantee it.


So if you want to be certain of getting six months invaluable mentoring… completely  FREE … from somebody who's been there, done it, made the money, be sure to order today!


A promise of FREE mentoring + 3x your money back not good enough? Then how about THIS for a risk-free guarantee!


Because I don't know you and you don't know me, I'd like to give you a full 30 days  to 'test drive' everything.


Your Absolute Guarantee

Reserve The Ultimate System  today.  Study it and and see for yourself what it can do for you. But if within 30 days you are not completely satisfied  that it will deliver all you need to start making serious money immediately... simply return the DVD's to me and  I will refund your money with  no questions asked!
And if for any reason you do decide to return the System, you get to KEEP all the £977-worth of valuable product bonuses -  it’s just my way of thanking you for trying it out.

By doing this, I've removed ALL  the risk. Every minuscule ounce of it.  There is NO  risk. Not one jot.


See how you really can't lose, whatever happens?


If you DON'T  like my system within the first 30 days, just post it back and I'll refund your money.


If you DO  like my system, copy it exactly as shown, but don't find you're banking at least £5,000 a month within six months, just post it back and I'll refund THREE TIMES  your money.


My wife tells me I must be crazy, but this is the 100 % watertight, cast-iron, risk-free promise  I am prepared to make to you today.


In fact, the only person that's taking a risk with this is ME!


Now it's over to you…


Before I go, please ask yourself these questions…


"Where will I be six months from now?...


Will I still be in the same mundane job?...


( Will I indeed have a job at all?...)


Taking home the same never-changing wage?...


Will my life be exactly the same as it is now?...


Is that what I want for myself and my family?"


Then ask yourself how different it could be  if you had this system quietly ticking away, making regular deposits into your account, giving you a real chance to break free from the life you live now… handing you complete financial freedom  for the rest of your life…


Don't you think your life might be just a little bit different?


Don’t you think that while others are worrying themselves stupid about what 2010 may bring… work wise, savings wise, pensions-wise, prices hike wise… you’d really welcome the peace of mind of knowing that whatever happens, it doesn’t matter a hoot because you’re 100% financially secure?


It's because I'm SO CONVINCED that this will work for you that I've removed all the risk…


It's difficult to get across just how passionate  I am about this amazing business system.


Back at the start I was pretty much like you. I'd seen one too many 'get rich quick' scams and I wasn't about to fall for another. I was more than a little skeptical that here was YET ANOTHER BUSINESS  that promised to make me wealthy.


Why the heck should this one work where all the others were obviously a pile of twaddle?


As I mentioned earlier, I'm a careful sort of bloke. I'm not stupid or gullible. I was a well-respected, well-paid Sales and Marketing Director for a large London-based organisation.


Okay, my job was stressful, but it was secure. I wasn't about to jump ship, risk all the security I'd built up for my family for some Mickey Mouse get-rich-quick scheme.


In other words, it had to be watertight.


Of course I didn't quit my paid employment the moment I laid my hands on this system. It took me a few months to test-drive it to be COMPLETELY sure it 'did what it said on the tin'.


Looking back, I thank my lucky stars I came across this brilliant system  when I did decide to take the bull by the horns and made a success of it.


Some days I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.  I only wish I'd come across it ten years earlier. I really do!!


Just like me, I KNOW  you're going to make a great deal of money  from this business. I also know you're going to have a whole lot of fun in the process.


And just in case you have any lingering doubts, take a look at what other people are saying…


See what some of my other customers say: 


"Nothing Comes Close!"

"To anyone tossing up whether to purchase your product, I’ve got one thing to say. Just do it!  I’ve bought and studied just about every success program on the market and Nothing Comes Close ."

Pete Godfrey ('The Extra Income Expert')

"Thanks for Delivering BIG Time!"

"Martin. Thanks for delivering 'BIG TIME' with this product.   I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking I'd seen it all. But I was wrong. This is a 'no hype', 'tell it like it is' mentoring sessions on how to really get started and make serious cash online .

Apart from the great DVD content and amazing bonuses, it was the coaching and support that did it for me. I've been let down in the past with so called 'consultations', but the speed of your response and level of knowledge and guidance   has helped me massively .  Keep up the great work and thanks again.”

Charles Bennewith ( Glasgow UK)

  "Everything I’d Hoped For!"

"Your system and ongoing support are everything I’d hoped for.  Your layout and attention to detail is impeccable and you really have left no stone unturned in preparing a blue-print that can be easily implemented  - especially for newbie marketers like me. Thanks again Martin, 10/10!  "

Khalid Bentoua (Bournemouth UK)

"All I Can Say Is WOW!"

"  Hi Martin - just got started using some of the excellent information I’ve already gleaned from your package… all I can say is WOW!  I’m 72 years young and plan to be your oldest and most successful student!  "        

Valerie Healey (Mansfield UK) 

"Focused and Comprehensive"

"We‘ve found your product focused and comprehensive   and it’s provided ALL the tools and resources we needed to get going, without further expense  … plus it’s invaluable to know that we have someone to turn to when we get stuck or need an expert to bounce ideas off.

We’ve recently launched our first website and are now
  well on our way to success…   we certainly couldn't have got this far without your system and excellent ongoing support.”

Andrew & Dawn Greenaway (Bristol UK)

"How On Earth Do You Do It?"

"Other similar-sounding products I’ve purchased cost £1,000’s and didn’t come remotely close to what you offer for so little. How on earth do you do it?  I’m just glad I got on board in time!”

Douglas Milner (Cinderford UK)


 Getting hold of "The Ultimate System" is easy.


 Simply choose the option below that best suits you…



Online:  For fast, immediate,  secure online order  SECURE  online ordering



  Fax Orders:  By fax - just  CLICK HERE  for a printable Fax Reservation Form; fill it in and send it either by post or fax.
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I’ll post 'The Ultimate System'  DVD's and bonuses out to you first class, within 24 hours of receiving your order.


Really, there's nothing more to say!


Here’s to your success. Long, long may it continue!


With best wishes, 


martin burns


Martin Burns

Spotlight Marketing


PS. Don't forget this is a ready-made business that YOU own, with NO gimmicks… NO profit-sharing… NO ties… NO small print… NO catches. And you’ve got a cast-iron 100% money-back guarantee  backing your decision!


PPS. My promise to you is this. Follow this system exactly as I teach it to you and if in the unlikely event you're NOT banking AT LEAST £5,000 a month within six months I'll give you THREE TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK.  Even if you're only banking £4,999.99 a month I'll give you 3x your money back. I can't say fairer than that!


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